Login URL : (paste into your viewer under Open Sim in preferences) .......... Hypergrid URL: (paste into your viewer map and TP)
We care about making sure our residents recieve the best quality of support. OS-ZanGrid Release and OpenSim RC2 (on our Gloebit enabled regions). We built our own back-end and front-end.
At ZanGrid we run 2 money modules. Gloebit and Podex. Using Gloebit makes it possible to sell items to All hypergrid enabled grids in OpenSim (ideal for merchants who want to sell to more then just one grid only)

community regions

ZanGrid offers several community ran regions for exploration and residential enjoyment.

Enjoy the fun shopping and selling in OpenSim (paste into your viewer map and TP)
Party and relax with us, meet new friends, do some water sports. Isla Bonita (paste into your viewer map and TP)
Get FREE land to start with. (paste into your viewer map and TP)